It’s Cowboy Cookin’ Time!

I came across Cowboy Kent Rollins of Oklahoma on Youtube a while back. He is a hilarious, fun, chuck-wagon, cowboy cook. That’s a mouthful of cowboy, but he is all that and a bucket of chicken! Kent is a chuck-wagon cook who has worked for traditional working cattle ranches for over 20 years. I picked his latest video with the recipe for Famous Oklahoma Fried Onion Burgers to share with you because I’m dying to make these myself! Boyo is away house-sitting at the moment so I’m going to wait for him to come home to make them.

Oklahoma Fried Onion Burgers originated in the 1920’s during the depression as a way to economize. Less beef more onions. Ross Davis at the Hamburger Inn in Ardmore OK is attributed with coming up with the idea. Juicy smashed burger and loads of very thinly sliced onions grilled until caramelized… I know your droolin’ already…

Didn’t I tell you he was a load of fun?! I have learned so much from Kent about Cast Iron cooking! Check out all his videos on his channel. You can also get the printed version of this recipe and so much more at his website. Head on over there right now!

I’ve just got to share this one with you too! Cackleberry eggs cowboy style he calls it! This one highlights more his on the range cooking set up and something I love to eat!

You’ll never peel eggs the same again! Kent’s wife Shannon does the filming, the dogs are always around and we get glimpses of the Oklahoma landscape. It just makes me feel good to watch him cook! I hope it does you too!

As Kent always says… It’s a good day above the grass!

I Suspect Its Time for a Movie…

It’s a rainy day in Tennessee. Started off so gorgeous, woke up at 6:30 to a pinkish orange glow spilling in through the windows and the sky was solid pinkish orange. To the south east it was dark and thunder and lightning and a rainbow with a faint second one beside it! I love the early morning. Shortly after the gray clouds moved in and its been raining all day. What do you do on a grand rainy day? Watch an old movie of course!

1944 film from the book ‘This Way Out’ by James Ronald published in 1939. Enjoyed the movie immensely. It’s on Youtube! Watch it HERE. In the movie a tobacco shopkeeper, Philip Marshall, a kind giving man, is married to a real shrew. The final straw is when Cora, the shrew, drives their son out of the house. Philip moves into the son’s bedroom and ignores her from then on. A young woman comes into the shop one day looking for work and later that day he finds her crying on a bench. A close friendship begins, he finds her a job at a dress shop and spends lots of evenings with her. When Cora starts following him he breaks off the friendship. BUT it’s too late! Cora knows! She is set on destroying both Philip and Mary. Rosalind Ivan plays this wicked woman to perfection! In this movie you find yourself rooting for the killer and hoping he gets away with it. After all if anyone deserves to die its Cora!

I came across this old movie over at Grand Old Movies blog a new addition to porches I love to sit on! I think I’ll be finding lots of grand old movies to watch over there!

I’ve gone in search of the book ‘This Way Out‘ and its a hard one to come by at an affordable price! From what I’ve seen I think it differs quite a bit from the movie. Makes me really want to get my hands on a copy now! The Invisible Event read it and did a great write up on it. Check it out! JJ gives it 5 stars. I’d love to read ‘Murder in the Family, a.k.a The Murder in Gay Ladies‘ by Ronald too! JJ gave it 5 stars too! If you love vintage mysteries be sure and check out his blog!

I came across this headline from Nov. 14, 1955 that Scottish author James Ronald was being deported from the US, declared a public charge! Can’t read the article without subscribing though. Looked up what a public charge was and under the public charge rule, immigrants to United States classified as likely or liable to become a Public Charge may be denied visas or permission to enter the country due to their disabilities or lack of economic resources. I guess that means he couldn’t support himself?! Couldn’t find anything else about it. A mystery!

The Promise of Things to Come

Excellent series – Futures: The Promise of Things to Come. You can watch each episode in this excellent series explaining what in the world is going on HERE. Jack Hibbs of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills California is one of my go to teachers. Solid, thorough and biblical. I hope you check him out!

Also a great series – Happening Now – Bible Prophecy. He has a guest on each episode and they discuss current events. Check it out HERE.