Brushy Mountain Prison

Discovered this interesting part of Tennessee history. It opened in 1896. There were very few escape attempts and none successful. The prison is surrounded by rugged, thickly wooded, rattle snake infested Brushy Mountain. Not to mention bear and who knows what else! The prison was opened 113 years, closing in 2009.  James Earl Ray was in prison here for killing Martin Luther King. He and six other prisoners escaped once, but one was shot and killed and the Ray and the remaining men were captured and brought back to the prison in three days.

It’s open to the public now and it’s on my list of things to do! They have past prison guards and past prison inmates as tour guides!

This Brushy Mountain Prison Series on WBIR, our local Knoxville News channel, is fascinating. Here’s the first short video…

Click here to go to the playlist and watch all five episodes and several fun facts in sidebar videos!

Check out the website for the prison HERE. Be sure to read the history of page!

Short Crossroads Tennessee video about the prison…