Creepy Head Update

Well, I did take the pictures of the ‘head’ to my local Greeneville police department and it really got them buzzing over there! They thought it was a head too. They called the Elizabethton police and sent the pictures to several people and got my info. This morning the Elizabethton city police called me and got directions to where we saw it again as they were all jumbled from Greeneville. She said that area would be county police and they were forwarding it to them. They were going out today and check it out and she would call me with what they found. They also really thought it could be a head. Late this afternoon she called and it was a head…. a mannequin head! Thank goodness! A prank just like Bossman said. It was really high up in the tree, down a steep hill. It took some work to get it up there. The police said they were surprised I was the only call they got on it as it really did look like a real head from a distance. They are sending someone out to remove it. I’m getting to old for all this excitement!

What is this?

Okay, this is just creepy! We threw a picnic lunch in the car this morning and headed out to explore Watauga Lake and Dam up near Elizabethton and found this at a scenic overlook. Something hanging in a tree down the hill. We couldn’t tell what it was. I thought some kind of hornets nest or something. Boss man wouldn’t walk down to look so I took a couple of shots zoomed in with the camera so we could take a good look on the computer when we got home. I swear it looks like a human head! It appears to be tied on the branch by some of the hair. 

Don’t you think it looks like a head? Bossman said there were no flys or bugs swarming around it so he thinks it’s nothing. A real mystery that will drive me nuts now! 

Pack Horse Librarians

Image courtesy of the National Archives and New Deal Network

I came across an interesting article recently about Eastern Kentucky’s Pack Horse Librarians. After the depression President Roosevelt enacted the New Deal to help put people back to work. One of those projects was the Pack Horse Librarians. It started in 1936 and continued through 1943.  With many women on relief it was a way to put them to work along with the men.

Eastern Kentucky had been hit especially hard by the depression. Very rural and dependent on the now closed coal mines they were isolated from the rest of the world. Librarians from around the state were brought in to establish this unique service. Women were recruited to take books and magazines via horseback and mules into rural Kentucky. The terrain was rough, rocky and steep, through dangerous creeks and rivers, in all kinds of weather. They worked summer and winter, traveling as much as 500+ miles in a month! They were paid $28 a month. People were skeptical at first, but this project was a great success. The librarians took great pride in taking books to people who never had access before. They also became a lifeline of sorts, bringing news and comfort to these isolated people. They could carry messages between the isolated families, send for doctors, midwives and carry medicines. They looked in on shut-ins and read aloud to those who couldn’t read.

There was such a demand for books they asked organizations to help and a penny-fund was started to purchase new books. Some credit this program with raising the level of interest in education in Eastern Kentucky. By 1943 the WPA had been de-funded and the program came to an end. The program established 30 libraries in Eastern Kentucky serving over 100,000 people! I admire these women’s dedication!

There’s a book about these courageous women: Down Cut Shin Creek, The Pack Horse Librarians of Kentucky by Kathy Appealt and Jeanne Cannella Schmitzer

HERE is a link to look at some pictures from the project and HERE to read more about it

Had you ever heard of this before?



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Several people have recently started following Peggy Ann’s Post on Bloglovin’.  So I’ve added this blog to my Bloglovin’ profile and needed to post their little advert to ‘claim’ my blog.  They have a nice little do dad that lets you move your followers over to the new blog. So that’s my bit of housecleaning done for today.

Make a nice rest of your day!  Think spring! 🌹🌷

Welcome to My Porch

I made the move, for better or worse! Peggy Ann’s Post is now Peggy’s Porch.  I hope you’ll stop by often and sit awhile with me. Mostly we’ll talk about reading, roaming, recipes and what’s going on in the neighborhood.

I think I have WordPress figured out, but bear with me if I make a few mistakes as I’m getting use to it. I did manage to get my posts from Peggy Ann’s Post imported over okay.

Haven’t gotten much reading done lately, I’ve been doing jigsaw puzzles and catching up on some British TV. I’m slowly reading Jill McGown’s Murder at the Old Vicarage. I’m really enjoying it and will read all her books. I looked and my library has them all!

Most of you know I am a Charles Wysocki puzzle fan. I LOVE doing his, so many dogs, horses, houses and people to put together. I collect them. We have several boxes of them stored away that we’ve already done. When we get old we’ll do them again and won’t remember doing them before so they’ll be like new to us, right?  I look on eBay for old ones you can’t get anymore. There’s a couple rarer ones I’ve really wanted to get my hands on and both times I’ve seen them I was cheap and didn’t want to pay $18 dollars for a used puzzle. Finally after several years of looking I came across Dampy’s Donuts on a Dreary Day and now it’s $25! I bit the bullet and bought it! The older it gets the more it will cost! Now I just really want Checking in on Old Martha’s Vineyard. May never see that one again 😦  Dampy’s is a bit ‘dreary’ looking, but I love it!


Dampy’s Donuts

This is the one I just finished…



Watched The Crown on Netflix. I had the whole first season to watch. Beautifully filmed. I wouldn’t want to be queen! Played catch-up with Unforgotten on ITV and some Midsomer Murder. We just don’t have as good a TV here in the States as they do in the UK.

I’ve had a toothache and had to go to the dentist. I need a root canal. Ugh! I’ve never had one before and I’m dreading it. It’s an old cavity with a filling from maybe 30-35 years ago. There’s infection in under the filling I guess after all these years! My tooth has a curve in the roots so I have to go to an endodontist to have it done. Luckily the antibiotics have helped and I’m not having the pain right now so I don’t have to rush.

We went to the movies on Tuesday and saw Hidden Figures. Wonderful movie! I told my son to take his daughter on a date to see it. But she had already seen it. She went with her school! She is in high honor classes and they took a group of girls to see it. I thought that was fantastic! I saw Fences the first of the year and that was probably one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. Liz and I are wanting to go see Silence and The United Kingdom when they come out. Both true stories. $5 Tuesday’s is a great invention!

Saturday is my birthday and we’re going out for dinner and then to the Capitol Theater, downtown to a bluegrass concert. There are two bands playing. I’m looking forward to that!

Bossman’s been painting our basement walls and floor. It’s looking so pretty and clean down there!

Well, I’ve chewed your ear long enough for one day, so I’ll let you go for now.

Y’all come back!