Abandoned Building

I love old abandoned buildings, I know I’ve told you that before. We pass this all the time. I have no idea what was there at one time. It’s in town. I’ve tried to look around online and see if I could find something on it, but I’ve come up empty handed. There’s a fence so I couldn’t get near it to take pictures.


Ghost Church

We are looking for property to build a house. Want something closer to the mountains, out of town more and 3-5 acres. Would like to have enough that both the boyo’s could build if they want. It’s a slow process. We came across this lovely old church on one of our searches. I have no idea of its history, but I love old abandon buildings.

I see the kids running around in the churchyard and the old men sitting on the porch in Sunday’s finest chewing the fat. There might be daffodils growing along the porch. Maybe it’s a church picnic day and there are tables in the yard full of food and the ladies in their Sunday go to meetin’ dresses are getting the food ready to serve. The sky is gorgeous blue and a gentle breeze is blowin’. The pastor is coming out now to say the blessing over the food. They all feel so blessed.

Or maybe Anna May and George just got married and everyone is lined up ready to throw rice as they come out of the church! So many stories these walls could tell…

UPDATE: Per a comment left, this building is not a church but a one room school house! Now we can come up with all new stories and imaginings!