Bellfield Hall

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Bellfield Hall or, the Observations of Miss Dido Kent
is the debut novel of Anna Dean. This Regency Mystery is a delightful read. A really good puzzle with wonderful characters, period detail and grand suspense. I am looking forward to more Dido Kent adventures!

Miss Dido Kent is requested to join her niece Catherine at Bellfield Hall as Catherine’s intended has suddenly and mysteriously broken off their engagement and disappeared after a strange man came and gave him a silent message. Shortly after Richard disappears a young woman’s body is discovered in the shrubbery.

Are the two connected? As Catherine stands firm beside her man, refusing to announce the engagement broken Dido is beginning to have her doubts. Who is the young woman? What was she doing at Bellfield Hall? Did Richard return to Bellfield Hall that morning? What was the dashing Tom Lomax doing in the bushes with Mr. Harris that morning? Why is Richard Montague not named Edgar after his father as every first born son in the Montague family for generations was? What is the ‘tonic’ Lady Montague gets from the pharmacy? Who is the mysterious Mr. Blacklock and what connection does he have with Bellfield Hall? Could he be Richard? How did Mr. Pollard convey a message to Richard without speaking and nothing in his hands? Will Dido finally find love? Lots of little mysteries to figure out to solve the big mystery! Great fun to read!

I just found two more books in this series!

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