There Was a Crooked Man

2321738by Clifford Witting

The tall, distinguished gentleman in the bowler hat who drove from London down to Frenstead in eastern Downshire one evening in October must have had some compelling reason for seeking out old Charlie Kendrick, woodworker and handyman, in his lonely wooden shack on the summit of Painswick Hill. Before the night was out, Crooked Charlie had died suddenly and violently, and it was a crooked mile that Detective Inspector Peter Bradfield had to cover step by step before he ferreted out the secret of the man in the bowler hat and unmasked a murderer of peculiar ruthlessness and cunning.

I read a review on a Clifford Witting book over at Pretty Sinister several years ago. I immediately bought this book and just got around to reading it! I enjoyed it. A good solid mystery with fun, solid characters. There was quite a bit of dialect written into the conversations. Things like…

“I’ve had it. For what a me-an’-you she laid on! Roast beef and everything that goes with it, then –”

“No, I didna – and ye wanna get mair out o’me, for I have felt ye all I ken.”

And one character, Mr. Earp, rattled on so with fancy words and prose that half the time I didn’t know what he was yammerin’ on about. The young barmaid, Shirley, didn’t either and she thought he was trying to make her feel inferior. A little silly, but it added a bit of fun to the story.

I think I’d like to try a few more of Witting’s books. Read this nice little write up on Witting over at Gadetection.

This book counts for Bev’s Vintage Cover Scavenger Hunt – Silver Era – A Green Object (a green scarf around his neck!). That makes 5 books in the Silver Era for me!