Solar Eclipse 2017

What a day! We experienced the total solar eclipse! We were expected to have 96-98% obsuration at home in Greeneville so we decided to drive the hour and a half to Maryville to experience the 100%.  SO glad we did! It last only a minute, but it was worth it. I got a video of it happening and some great shots to share with you!

We found a nice city park (Bicentennial Greenbelt Park) and set up right by an icy cold creek we could put our toes in to cool off. It was up in the nineties today!

As it got darker and darker the locust that come out at dusk here started up. They were deafening! As soon as the moon moved off the sun they stopped! Coolest experience ever!!

20954040_1956998957914764_6417521302418838048_n 20992708_1956998967914763_2591302488874902635_n


You can see the difference in the light between these two pictures as we got closer to the total eclipse…




This was taken through the lens of the glasses 20953924_1956999004581426_2489137262083820503_n

Getting dark now, street lights came on…

20992715_1956999041248089_3600161712607300512_n 21077355_1956999127914747_7858590605858168511_n


Total eclipse!



starting to peek out again

moving off now…




Maryville is a great town with a rich history. Sam Houston moved there as a teen. Click the link to read more about the town.