Fly Away

There are still good people in this crazy world. We happen to have one for a friend. John is a pilot and loves planes. Saturday he had me bring Donald over to the local airport and he showed him around and gave him all the info on small planes. What makes them fly, how the wings work, all about airflow and pistons. Let him sit in a plane and showed him how to use the steering and the pedals. Donald had a grand day! The patience John had with him and the respect he showed Donald was amazing.

We have a nice little regional airport here in Greeneville. Lots of different types of small planes and a thriving Skydiving business. There’s also the helicopter rescue squad. Maybe Donald can have a tour of that next!

Donald’s day in pictures…

This plane in the last three pictures with the stars on it is John’s biplane, a starduster it is called. It has open cockpits for two fliers. The black helmet Donald was wearing is for this plane. The wooden dowel you see in the wires between the wings keeps the wires from ‘singing’ as you fly. John is using Donalds fingers to explain about the wind going between the wires and the stability of the wings.

There is a 1930’s Piper Cub in the hanger. It’s my favorite plane there. Gorgeous little red plane. Would love to fly in it!

We also have a couple other neat planes in the hanger. One is a Korean War plane, a T28 Trojan. Built in 1948. It was used for close air support.

And then there is the Das Doodle Bug! It’s a home built experimental plane built in 1984. It’s cute as a doodle bug!