We went to Branson Missouri the first week of October. Driving around we passed John F. Kennedy standing in an out of the way old parking lot! I told Bossman I think I just saw JFK back there! Turn around!

A couple days later in another part of town, Bossman said who is that? and I looked and there was Ronald Reagan!

After a little digging I found that these guys are wayward heads from PRESIDENTS PARK, a South Dakota attraction that closed in 2010. JFK was sold to a Branson gas station and eventually was moved to his current lonely home.

Reagan was brought to Branson as a time-share condo sales come-on, but when that closed they left Ronald behind. He sits in a parking lot next to the T-Shirt Shack.

They are made of concrete and steel and weigh around 10,000 pounds! Fellow refugees are Abe Lincoln, who spent some time in an RV park in Williston, North Dakota but has since gone missing, and Teddy Roosevelt who graces the Roosevelt Inn in Watford City, North Dakota. As far as I know he’s still there. The motel has many Teddy items as decorations and is near the North Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park just north of town. The North Unit has the grand distinction of being the second least visited national park in the entire US! wonder which one is the most least visited?

Quirky and fun!