We Won the Lottery!

Really! We did! No money involved though. It’s a special lottery that happens once a year in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This lottery is priceless! This year 21,000 people entered and we were one of 1,800 winners! People have entered this for years and never won, on our first try we got it!  What did we win you say?

A parking pass to see the Sychronous Fireflies! It happens once a year when they are mating and it only happens in a few spots around the world with the densest population here in our own Smoky Mountains! Because it draws so many people they started doing the lottery system to contain the amount of people in the area to preserve the fireflies mating area. I almost forgot about the lottery and entered on the last day open for entries and late at night. Maybe that was the key! When you enter you give two dates you would like to go within that one week period and then you get an email telling you if you won or not and what day if you did. We go June 11th. I can’t wait!  We park at the visitor center and then a trolley takes us to the Elkmont area of the Park. That’s where the fireflies are. We’ll sit in the woods in the dark and witness a small miracle of nature. I wish I could bring everyone of you with me! Pray for no rain on June 11th!

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