Girls Night Out @ The Capitol

Patti, my friend from back home, and I went to the movies at The Capitol Saturday night. Every Halloween season they do an old horror movie. It’s great fun! I LOVE showing off our beautiful Capitol Theater.



We saw Creature From the Black Lagoon! Patti loves to tell everyone how I jumped and screamed when the Creature made his first appearance!

There’s a lovely mural in the process of being painted on the side of one of the buildings downtown near the theater. It’s fun watching as it unfolds.


Have to treat Patti right, she’s the one who introduced me and Bossman 26 years ago! Hopefully she’s having a good time!

Twelve Angry Men

img_20170204_221124_116-2Last Friday we went to a play at The Capitol Theater. Twelve Angry Men. It was excellent! They had the seats in a semi-circle around the set, right on the stage. Very intimate. The actors did a terrific job and it was such a powerful drama. The whole thing takes place in a hot steamy, crowded jury room. Tempers flare and arguments begin and we learn about each juror as they wrestle with the verdict.  We don’t even know the jurors names, they are just addressed by their juror number. I loved watching our system of justice work!

The jury of 12 men come into the jury room after a 6 week trial. A young Puerto Rican man has been accused of stabbing his father to death. He has a criminal record and circumstantial evidence is mounting. There is a neighbor that heard him say I’ll kill you and saw him run out the door of the tenement bldg. A woman across the train tracks says she saw him do it through the windows of the train as it sped by. Sounds like an open and shut case. Or is it? What exactly is ‘reasonable doubt’? If found guilty he will face a mandatory death penalty.

Here’s a quick clip of our play…

The young man in the suit with the bow tie with the beard reminded me so much of my youngest son! He even looked over the pair of glasses he wore exactly like Paul!

This play was originally written by Reginald Rose for a live teleplay for CBS in 1954.Two  movie versions came after, one in 1957 starring Henry Fonda and then another one in 1990 with Jack Lemmon and George C. Scott. I found the original CBS teleplay restored on Youtube! Click HERE to watch it. Or you can watch the 1957 movie HERE.

Paul said he read the book in high school. That might make an interesting read! Have you seen the movie or a play of it? Read the book? What did you think?

Starting this Thursday evening they are going to do a classic movie night at The Capitol the first Thursday of the month for three months. All Cary Grant movies! I can’t wait!