Crooked House

by Agatha Christie first published in 1949


Pocket Book edition

The old man suffered from diabetes. He had regular injections of insulin – until someone switched the insulin for eserine. Anyone in the house could have done it. Everyone had a motive. The old man was enormously rich. And his wife was beautiful. Of course, beauty is no crime. But his wife was fifty years younger – and in love with another man!

I read this one getting ready for the film version due out December 22 in the US. I can’t wait! When I got to the end I remembered reading it a long time ago!

Charles Haywood is in the Diplomatic Service and comes home to England after a couple years away from his sweetheart Sophia, whom he met in service in Cairo. They were planning on getting married. But Sophia’s rich, patriarchal grandfather had just been murdered and she isn’t sure she can marry him now.

“Their suspicions may be quite unjustified. But putting that aside, supposing that they are justified, how does that affect you and me?”

“It might under certain circumstances. You’re in the Diplomatic Service. They’re rather particular about wives. No-please don’t say all the things that you’re just bursting to say. You’re bound to say them-and I believe you really think them-and theoretically I quite agree with them. But I’m proud-and I’m devilishly proud. I want our marriage to be a good thing for everyone–I don’t want to represent one half of a sacrifice for love! And, as I say, it may be all right…”

 “You mean the doctor-may have made a mistake?”

“Even if he hasn’t made mistake, it won’t matter-so long as the right person killed him.”

And when he asked her to tell him about it She said…

“No, Charles. I don’t want you to see us from my angle. I want you to see us unbiased from the outside point of view.”

   “And how am I to do that?”

 She looked at me, a queer light in her brilliant blue eyes.   “You’ll get that from your father,” she said.

Charles’ father is Assistant Commissioner of Scotland Yard! So Charles starts tagging along with the detective as he investigates. He gets to know her family from the eyes of investigation.

Of course this is an Agatha Christie book so its going to be great. What is there not to like her books! This one is a stand-alone, no Poirot or Miss Marple or Tommy and Tuppence. I really enjoyed it. Very clever plot and a house that seemed almost a character. My edition was a 9th Pocket Book printing. You can look at all the different covers of this book here.

Glenn Close and Gillian Anderson star in the movie. Glenn Close will be a perfect Aunt Edith! If I’m not mistaken I heard this is the first time this book has been made into a movie, is that correct?

Watch the trailer for the movie…


This fulfills the “red object” (Red hat and gloves) category on the Golden Vintage Scavenger Hunt card for Bev’s Vintage Covers Scavenger Hunt


Wonder Books

We went to my youngest son’s in Maryland last Friday for several days. They have a Wonder Books used book store near them in Hagerstown. It is heaven on earth there! Lots of the used books I buy on amazon come from there. Every time I go to Paul’s I try to get to Wonder Books. We timed it right this time, buy two mass market paperbacks and get two free! I had mostly Penguins in my pile and thought they would be exempt, but they said ‘no, they count too’! So I went back and got more!  Sixteen in all and a Charles Wysocki puzzle to boot.

Three Jane Langton’s, two Michael Gilberts and five Georgette Heyer mysteries! They had lots of Donald E. Westlake, but I had never read any of his so I passed. Then I read THIS review of one of his over @ Bitter Tea and Mystery and wished I had gotten a couple. Next trip, if they are still there. I’m going to try to go back in mid-December for my granddaughters Christmas concert. She plays violin in the school orchestra.


I’m especially excited about the Georgette Heyer books and can’t wait to dig into one! And Christie’s Ordeal of Innocence, I would like to read it before the new TV version on the BBC comes out this Christmas. There was a sign on the door ‘Hiring for the Fredricktown warehouse’. For a minute I thought about moving to Maryland 🙂 Working in all those old books! Yum!

Have you read any of these and what did you think?

Kitchen Re-do

Finally, the kitchen is done! I still need to hang the Pennsbury Pottery on the cornices above the cabinets, but I’m adding to the collection and want to wait until I have it all. I’ve tried to do this without having to sell my first born to finance it and I’m pretty happy with the outcome. The busy carpet was fairly new when we bought the house so I’m living with it for a few more years before I think about replacing the flooring.

Come on in…

IMG_20151121_120207_141 30209184_Unknown-2

You can see above how tight it was to walk in from the side door. The kitchen cabinet delivery men just about had a heart attack when they stepped in and thought they had to bring the cabinets in this way. Then I told them there was another door on the backside of the kitchen and they sighed relief! This opened it up a bit. It was certainly a poor design in the house layout! The basement door is directly opposite this side door.

Here is the major long view of the kitchen…

100_4103 sink

We moved the refrigerator from one wall by the back door across the room…

IMG_20151121_120124_490 30209200_Unknown

IMG_20151121_120152_222 30471728_Unknown

The ‘dining room’ end of the kitchen is an odd layout and hard to make look really nice, but we work with what we have. Updated the light too. It’s nice having two doors in this room. One out to the back patio, which will one day be a back screened porch, and one onto the side carport (I love having a carport!).  The third photo here is a sideway shot of the eating area.  The doorway leads left to my sitting room or right into the living room. Another odd layout! Two fireplaces divide these rooms. Maybe the sitting room was meant to be a dining room? It’s my room now! Books sitting everywhere and all my little ‘things’ I love, like my cotton I picked from the side of the road in Alabama, bookends, pencil drawings of places in Scotland I got to visit, a basket of rocks I’ve picked up on various journeys, my tartan wool blanket from a trip to Scotland, the painting my sweet friend Shelley bought me as a house warming gift. It’s my little nest!

IMG_20151121_120240_713 30471664_Unknown

There was an old round fluorescent ceiling light in here when we bought the house. I didn’t manage to get a shot of it in any of the photos of before, but this is the kind it was. Nasty! We replaced the lights with new LED ones and the kitchen is so much brighter now! I’m still in my own light when at the kitchen sink and it’s dark doing dishes, but next summer when the Bossman has the electric run to the garage I might have the electrician put in a small hanging pendant light over the sink at the same time. I looked and looked for a chandelier type light for over the table and just couldn’t find anything I liked. Because of the layout its near impossible to get the table centered out under the light so I finally opted for the same light as in the kitchen area, not hanging down at all. That way it doesn’t draw your attention as much to it being a little off center.
iu 30209312_Unknown30209296_Unknown

Since I mentioned my sitting room, check out my new reading chair I picked up at Ikea on our last trip back to Pennsylvania! Love it! And if I fall asleep reading the little wings will catch my head 🙂


Well, that’s it. The last of the major projects in our house. Someday a screened-in back porch I think, but thats all. Now we can just relax and enjoy retirement!

Spectacular Sunset

Just had to share this sunset we had last week with you guys! These pictures do not do it justice. The golden color in the sky and glow it produced was almost otherworldly, it took my breath away. It went all around us.

30209376_Unknown 30209504_Unknown





Did you notice the rainbow? I think there were two but one started to fade before I got the camera.

Blogger Commenting Issue

For those of you who have Blogger blogs, I’ve been trying to comment on several over the last few days and for some reason it’s not been allowing me to comment. Very frustrating. I’ll get it figured out eventually.

Skeleton’s for Halloween

Happy Halloween! Got this today in my email and thought you might like it too!

Frightening phrases, specifically with skeleton in them, and their origins…


We handed out candy to probably close to, if not more than, 200 kids tonight! There are less than 10 kids live in our neighborhood. Bossman and I sat out by the side of the road as our driveway is very steep and the wee ones struggle getting up to us. This is our second year here for Halloween 🎃. Tonight we were discussing how the holiday has changed since we were kids. It’s just a line of cars coming down the road dropping off kids who walk to a house or two and jump into the car to be driven to the next couple of houses. Mini vans just leave the side door open and the kids jump in and out. None of these children live in our housing development. They’ve more than likely been through the housing development up the road from ours before they got here. Not to mention the huge festivities downtown on Main Street where side roads were blocked off by police cars and businesses handed out candy and the big do at the city park last night that drew 5000 people, so I was told.

When we were kids we dressed up and went on our own on foot with a gang of neighbor kids and trick or treated in our neighborhood and then went home. Yes, I know, it was safer then. By the time our kids came along we walked with them, in our neighborhood! One thing we noted and liked was families trick or treating together with Mom and Dad dressing up too. We even had a couple parents with their own treat bag for us to put candy in!  After an hour and half and having handed out 500+ pieces of candy the next round of cars were gathering at the top of the road and groups starting down and I only had a few pieces left. I said we better hurry and get inside before this group hits, I don’t have enough candy left and Bossman said yeah, this is getting a bit much and none of them live here, no wonder so many are not handing out candy anymore.

Maybe I’m a Halloween grinch or something, because I was a little disappointed or disillusioned by the time we went in. I understand if you live out in the country and bring your kids into town and trick or treat in grandma or Aunt Helen’s neighborhood, but it just felt like they were being bussed in by the bus load! I guess times change. Just like parents driving  their kids to school and picking them up. There’s always a traffic jam on the road the schools on in the morning and afternoon. Don’t kids ride the bus at all anymore? But that’s for another post. I’m off to eat a peanut butter cup I hid 🙂

The best costume I saw tonight was Rosie the Riveter! Very original, wish I had thought to get a picture of her!

Trick or treat, smell my feet 👻