Aoife’s Chariot by Katherine Pathak

First book in the Imogen and Hugh Croft Mysteries
342 pages

‘Following the sudden death of her mother, Imogen Croft returns to her childhood home on the Scottish Island of Garansay. Her brothers have given her the task of deciding what to do with their parents’ farm, which is slowly falling into disrepair. But Imogen will not be rushed into passing judgement on the place and when she starts to carry out some research into the history of Kilduggan Farm, she inadvertently sets off a chain of events that ends in tragedy. Suddenly, Imogen and her psychologist husband, Hugh, find themselves faced with a seemingly insoluble puzzle. How can it be possible that an unexplained death in the present day can match, in every detail, an unsolved case from 40 years ago? As the past begins to catch up with Imogen, she realises that she must strive to discover the truth about her family, even if it means that nothing will ever be the same again… This is an intricately plotted novel, cleverly interwoven with subtle clues and the occasional red-herring. It will keep you guessing and the pages turning, right up until its final, shocking conclusion.’

Solid, well paced story. Told in a first person narrative from Imogen’s point of view.  I enjoyed the keen atmospheric setting and wonderful sense of place. The fictional Isle of Garansay is a very thinly veiled Isle of Arran.  I loved the vivid descriptions of the island and the dramatic weather. There were lots of extra incidental interest from Glasgow tenement life in the 20’s-30’s and the desperate poverty experienced there to beautiful artwork by artist Avril Paton and the Irish Myth of Aiofe’s Chariot. The mystery its self was decent, well plotted and full of family secrets and evil intent. 

The author was born in Inverness Scotland.  This book counts towards my Read Scotland 2014 challenge!  Check out her website.  Read a good interview with Katherine Pathak, this is how I came across her book!

There are 3 more books  in this series, The Only Survivor and Lawful Death and a short story Full Beam and I will be reading them too. 

This book also meets the criteria for My Kind of Mystery and Meet the Protagonist Challenge – A character that is in a book series! 

Peggy Ann

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