Maigret Goes Home

iuby George Simenon
Originally published in 1931

When an ominous note predicting the time and place of a death finds its way to Maigret’s desk in Paris, his investigation brings him to Saint-Faicre, the place of his birth.  It isn’t long before a darkness descends on Maigret and the town, as the prediction becomes a brutal reality and the Inspector discovers he is not welcome in the place he once called home.

As much a thriller as a meditation on alienation, The Saint-Faicre Affair displays Simenon’s unique and searing perspective of the struggles we all are forced to endure.

I had this lovely penguin copy and I loved holding it to read. Does that sound bizarre to you? I think not if your a book lover too! This was my first Maigret book believe it or not! I did enjoy it. Many good suspects and I didn’t figure it out. I had a suspicion, but I was a little off. I read this book in one day! We were flying to Seattle for our Alaskan cruise and it kept me entertained during all the waiting at the airports. We missed our connecting flight in Chicago and had to wait another 3 hours for the next one out. Looking forward to reading more Maigret!

This one counts for Bev’s Vintage Cover Scavenger Hunt – Gold Era – Car. That’s three for that era!

5 thoughts on “Maigret Goes Home

  1. I have been wanting to read some more Maigret for years and I don’t know why I don’t. All the books are short. Sound like you have done some good reading already on your trip. And I agree, I love the feel of old paperbacks when I read them.

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  2. My mum was a huge Maigret fan. She always wanted to go to Paris but never did manage it. I’ve enjoyed the ones I have read but haven’t read any for years.


    • I want to read more of them. This one he was away from Paris and the rest of his crew. Having watched the TV series, several versions, might have taken the edge off of really enjoying the books. I have NO desire to go to Paris!


  3. I have watched a TV series by that name which starred Michael Gambon. Is the series based on these books? If so, I didn’t realize that. Interesting to know. I really enjoyed the series, but Mchael Gambon is a favorite actor of mine.


    • It is Paula! I’ve seen it too. There are several versions through the years with different actors. I like Gambon the best. There’s a new one now on ITV in the U.K. With Rowan Atkinson from Mr. Bean, if you cam believe it! He’s actually quite good as Maigret to my surprise!

      Did you get the email issue figured out then?


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