Death in the Air

by Agatha Christie (original title: Death in the Clouds)

3419858A woman is killed by a poisoned dart in the enclosed confines of a commercial passenger plane…

It was a most extraordinary case. A woman murdered with the venom-dipped dart of a South African blow-gun on a routine flight over the English channel. More Bizarre still: that the killing could go completely unnoticed by the planes’s other passengers. And most ironic of all: that Hercule Poirot, the brilliant detective, should be sitting not fifteen feet from the victim!

Another good mystery. I certainly didn’t figure this one out! So many of you have read and reviewed Agatha Christie it seems redundant for me to go on about it! An excellent read, interesting characters, superb plotting as always. I especially liked the ‘locked room’ aspect of this one. You’ll enjoy it!

I finished this one the last week of August but just now getting around to posting it!

This book fulfills the Where category (on a mode of transportation) in the Gold Era for Just the Facts M’am over @ My Reader’s Block.

3 thoughts on “Death in the Air

  1. Yes, this is one of my favorite Christie books. I love the ‘locked room’ aspect and really the whole thing. It’s fun imagining what air travel was like at that time. Nice to see you, Peggy!


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