Puzzles and Books

This summer has been a real slow reading summer for me. Only 13 books June through today! I’m not going to make my Goodreads challenge of 52 this year. Next year I’m not signing on for any challenges. A no pressure year of reading what and when I want. I haven’t even bought many books recently. I picked up a few in thrift shops…


The Fields by Kevin Maher, Intruder in the Dust by William Faulkner, Homestead by Rosina Lippi, The Dollhouse by Fiona Davis, In the Dark Places by Peter Robinson, Family and Friends by Anita Brookner, The Caribbean Mystery, Death on the Nile and The Under Dog and Other Stories by Agatha Christie, The Unknown Quantity  and Family Affair by Mignon Eberhart and lastly The Thief of Venice by Jane Langton.

I’m really excited to read The Fields, Intruder in the Dust and Homestead! Have you read any of these? I’m saving The Fields for next March though for Cathy @746 Books Read Ireland Month! I have quite a few Irish authors on the shelf and its so much fun setting aside a whole month for just them 🙂

We’ve done a LOT of jigsaw puzzles this summer though. I have to keep the Bossman busy 😉 All Charles Wysocki, but one. We did The Bizarre Bookshop II by Ravensburger. It was tough, but we got it done. Here’s a few we did…

Untitled UntitledUntitled

I unpacked all the Wysocki puzzles (I never get rid of them, I put them away for when we get real old and we won’t remember having done them before 🙂 ). I took pictures of them all in groups of six so I would have them on my phone when we are out shopping and can check if we already one or not so I won’t buy duplicates! I joined a jigsaw puzzle group on Facebook. Cath @Read_Warbler is a member too! That’s how I found the group. They post puzzles for sale or swap too and a woman listed a ton of Wysocki puzzles for $2 each! I kinda went nuts, I bought 13 of them! And one by his brother Heronim. We now have 81 Charles Wysocki puzzles! These are some of the new ones we’ve picked up at thrift stores, eBay and the lady on Facebook…

Untitled Untitled


Untitled Untitled

This one is Olde Nantucket and I’ve been looking for this one for several years and never see it available. It’s an old one. I got it on eBay and the one above it is Rockland Breakwater Light, a lighthouse in Rockland Maine. We’ve been there several times. Never got to go out to the light though. It’s another one you don’t see available very often so I grabbed it up when I saw it. It’s a new unopened one too! eBay is dangerous for me with puzzles! We are stocked up for the winter anyway.

IMG_4774This is one I’ve been looking for a long time too, but the seller wants too much. I do have limits to my obsession! Checking In On Olde Martha’s Vineyard, isn’t it gorgeous?! He wanted $54.99 plus $9.85 shipping! It didn’t sell so he listed it again at $44.99. It is new unopened but thats still too steep. There is a make an offer option so  maybe…

I really need to sell some of mine to finance the new ones! It’s amazing how many people collect Wysocki and will pay big bucks for older ones! It never ceases to amaze me on eBay the prices some of his go for, some in the $100-$300 range! I see them listed for that, I just wonder if they actually sell.


11 thoughts on “Puzzles and Books

  1. Wow! Such beautiful puzzles, what an amazing collection! And I had no idea how much the older ones cost – a very expensive hobby. I can see why you want Checking In On Olde Martha’s Vineyard and hope your offer is accepted.


  2. Nice book haul, Peggy. My reading is down on last year too but that’s fine. I had a busy summer with the grandkids, as did you I think, and that’s more important as they grow up so quick.

    The jigsaw FB group is wonderful. So friendly and passionate about puzzles. Those Wysocki puzzles are truly wonderful, love looking at pics of other people’s jigsaws (and books). Maybe if you wait long enough the puzzle you want will come down and down.


    • I’m so glad you turned me on to the group through Facebook, Cath! Grandkids always trump everything! I think we’ll be making more frequent trips to Maryland now that my granddaughter is in a performing arts high school for her violin. They hold frequent concerts and I don’t want to miss out! She is thriving under their music program.


  3. I love seeing all the puzzles that several bloggers work on. I’m not a puzzle person myself, but I find it interesting. Perhaps one day I’ll get the puzzle ‘bug’. Ha! I’ve been rethinking and planning changes to my reading as well. Looking toward 2019 and may make it the year of the ‘reread’ or the year of the ‘series’. We’ll see. Nice to see a post from you, Peggy!


    • Patty, when I first met Bossman, Dave, 27 years ago I had never done a puzzle. He did really hard landscape puzzles. I was rubbish at them and didn’t enjoy them at all. Then my 90 year old neighbor introduced me to Wysocki puzzles and I find them a joy to do and a puzzle monster was born. I’m amazed at how much better I’ve gotten at matching pieces over time. It’s very relaxing. Set up a table in your ‘apartment’ and get a Wysocki puzzle! Start with 500 piece😉


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