Sleeping Murder

By Agatha Christie. Published in 1976
IMG_3332Agatha Christie has saved her best for last. Her final novel features the beloved, uncannily perceptive Miss Jane Marple unraveling the most tantalizing, most macabre case of her career. With this extraordinary novel – pervaded by a very real, very memorable sense of evil – Dame Agatha has ensured her reputation as the world’s greatest author of detective fiction and has bequeathed her millions of readers one last delicious surprise.

This is probably my favorite Miss Marple story. Gwenda and her husband Giles, newly married, are looking for a house in England. As soon as Gwenda sees this house in Dillmouth she feels ‘at home’ and decides this is the one for them. Strange things start happening as she moves in and starts the re-decorating. She keeps going to a spot in one room thinking a door is there. Maybe it’s just a common sense spot to put a connecting door into the next room. She has the contractor put a door there and they find one use to be there and was walled over. She decides that the small room that probably was a nursery at one time should have wallpaper with poppies and coneflowers. When the workmen get a cupboard door that was stuck open, there the original wallpaper was exactly as she envisioned she wanted! Coincidence? Then as she’s coming down the steps one day she feels a horrible sense of evil and sees a vision of a blonde woman laying at the foot of the steps dead, strangled. Is she clairvoyant? Against Miss Marple’s advice she and Giles start to investigate and find she had lived here as a very young child. Fascinating page turner. I read it in one day. Haven’t done that in a while!

This is the book that Miss Marple says, “It really is very dangerous to believe people. I never have for years.” Love that quote! Ms. Christie had written this final Miss Marple and the final Poirot, Curtain, years before and left them to be published after her death. She died in January 1976 and this novel was published in September of that year. I found this obituary online.

IMG_3332 2

This fulfills the ‘suitcase’ category on the Silver Vintage Cover Scavenger Hunt @ My Reader’s Block. That puts me at 12 on this card! Look inside the number one picture and you’ll see a suitcase!  

4 thoughts on “Sleeping Murder

  1. Sleeping Murder is one of my favourite Christies. For a number of years,we all knew she was failing, so when she died and this posthumous book came out (we KNEW it had been waiting in a bank vault) it was truly a vintage treat that I gobbled up.
    The Jane Hickson tv version is perfect.


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