Murder at the Old Vicarage by Jill McGown

1454913‘A killing blow on the head took the life of Graham Elstow, and the vicar and his wife were more relieved than grieved by their son-in-law’s death. Elstow had beaten their beloved daughter, Joanna, so severely only a few months earlier that she had landed in the hospital, and he had struck her again on the day he died. But murder they deplored, especially in their own home on Christmas Eve.

Much, much worse, it was distressingly clear that the killer had to be someone very close to the household. Yet each of the three was prepared to swear that neither of the other two had had the opportunity to kill Elstow.

It looks like it’s up to that canny police duo of Inspector Lloyd and Detective Sergeant Judy Hill then, to wander through a maze of self-confessed killers, myriad motives, and their own frustrating partnership, to find a murderer with a message…’

This one is the second in the Lloyd and Hill series. I thought it was the first 😦 but it was fine to read on its own. I really enjoyed it. I liked the two detectives and the puzzle was excellent, it could have been any one of them. McGown did a great job of keeping you off balance until the very end. Its one you’ll keep saying just one more chapter until you’ve finished it! My library system has all her books! So I’ll be starting with #1 and reading them in order.

*This book was originally published in 1988 in the UK under the title Redemption. It counts toward Vintage Scavenger Hunt Silver Era for ‘other type of weapon’ and also for Read Scotland 2017 as Ms. McGown was born in Argyll Scotland.

7 thoughts on “Murder at the Old Vicarage by Jill McGown

  1. I’ve been meaning to begin this series for ages! You’ve given me just the nudge I needed. Do you have Acorn? Lloyd and Hill has just been added.
    I might want to ‘talk’ to you about WordPress. Something has happened on my computer that I can no longer log into my blog on Chrome. It says I’m signed in but I cannot write anything on my blog. I’ve been using Safari just for the blog. I looked into WordPress but it sounded very difficult to move. Did you switch your whole blog over or did you just begin again fresh?


    • Nan, it was a breeze to bring all my blogger post over with their import tool! Set one up and play around with it to see if you’ll like it first. Thats what I did. I just got the free version of WordPress. There’s one with more storage for photos etc. and support help for just 35.88 a year. If I need more space I’ll upgrade. But photos don’t take a lot of room. Most things you can find help with on the forums just like blogger. The only thing I don’t like so far is I can’t chose different fonts or sizes within a blog post. Minor thing. I like it so far! You can call me if you have any questions about moving it over.

      I have been thinking about Acorn! I saw that there was a series based on these books. That might be the what makes me jump into Acorn! Have you watched Unforgotten on ITV? Really good!


      • I LOVE Unforgotten. One of ever! Nicola Walker is amazing, and I love Sanjeev Bhaskar. He was in a Lewis ep I liked, and of course The Kumars at No. 42 (which I’ve watched only a little of). But my favorite is The Indian Doctor. But NW, I could honestly watch in anything. Wonderful.

        I will let you know if I get more serious about switching.


  2. I read all of this series and I loved it. One of my top authors ever. I am rereading them now, just now and then, since there are not that many in the series.


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